Leaked Facebook files reveal thousands of revenge porn reports

Facebook has faced thousands of potential cases of revenge porn and “sextortion” on the social network, an investigation based on leaked files has claimed.

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Voters expect income tax rise regardless of winner, new polling shows

Voters expect income tax to rise no matter which party is elected, although the majority expect a Conservative victory, new polling shows.

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Man arrested over ‘kill May’ protest released without charge

A man arrested after protesting as Theresa May arrived at a campaign event has been released without charge.

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Tories adding chaos to cruelty with social care funding issue, says Farron

Tory attempts to refine their planned shake-up of social care funding have only added “chaos to cruelty”, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said.

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In video: General Election round-up – May 22

A look at the campaign trails on May 22 as Theresa May gets heckled by a protester and riled by a journalist. John Prescott then tried to press home Labour’s advantage by saying you “can’t trust” the Prime Minister.

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Sinn Fein urges Irish unity referendum to be held within five years

Sinn Fein has called for an Irish unity referendum within five years.

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Jeremy Corbyn respected Sinn Fein’s democratic mandate – Gerry Adams

Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history in supporting Irish republicans, Gerry Adams has said.

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Tory lead in Wales wiped out in poll predicting Labour to win majority of seats

The Labour Party is fighting back in Wales and is predicted to win the majority of seats there after overtaking the Tories for the first time since the snap General Election was called, according to a new poll.

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Life of grime for music fan Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has said he listens to grime music.

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Theresa May says only poll that counts is on June 8

Theresa May has insisted she is not concerned about the Tory opinion poll lead narrowing as she sought to recover from a U-turn over her flagship social care reforms.

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Corbyn again declines to specifically denounce IRA as terrorists

Jeremy Corbyn has condemned “all acts of violence from wherever they came” during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, but declined to specifically denounce the IRA as terrorists.

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Jezza prepared to go to Hull and back: Five things we learned from the campaign

Here are five things we learned during the General Election campaign on Monday:

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Parents in Charlie Gard treatment case set for latest battle

A couple who want to take their sick baby son abroad for treatment they hope will save his life are preparing to mount the latest stage of a legal fight.

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Election a ‘question of trust’ says May as she defends care costs cap U-turn

Theresa May said the General Election is a “question of trust” as she sought to defend her dramatic U-turn on social care policy amid signs that controversy over a so-called “dementia tax” was hurting Conservatives in the polls.

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NHS health workers go viral with ‘anyone but the Conservatives’ video

A group of NHS health workers have gone viral with a plea to “vote for anyone but the Conservatives”.

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Michael Barrymore entitled to ‘substantial damages’ over arrest, High Court told

Entertainer Michael Barrymore should get substantial damages from Essex Police over the wrongful arrest which destroyed his career, the High Court has heard.

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Police alert after ‘explosion’ hits Manchester Arena during Ariana Grande gig

An explosion has reportedly hit Manchester Arena during a pop concert.

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EU states back guidelines for Brexit talks following election

Leaders of the 27 remaining EU states have approved tough guidelines for chief negotiator Michel Barnier for Brexit talks due to start after the June 8 General Election.

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SNP leader defends candidate amid debate nurse ‘smear campaign’ claims

Nicola Sturgeon has defended an SNP candidate amid accusations of a “smear campaign” against a nurse who challenged the First Minister.

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Royal Academy to show parts of Charles I art collection dismantled by Cromwell

Parts of the Royal Collection dismantled by Oliver Cromwell following the execution of Charles I are returning to Britain for a blockbuster show at the Royal Academy.

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