Notmans to the fore at Denholm

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THE Notman family were on a roll on Monday afternoon as they dominated the traditional Denholm Ba’.

And with their help, the ‘Doonies’ claimed the bragging rights for another year at the annual event.

Veteran Ronnie Notman, at the incredible age of 80, claimed the wedding ba’ of Mr & Mrs S. Watson. While son Lee scooped a double by winning the silver wedding ba’ of Mr & Mrs D. Younger and the wedding ba’ of Mr & Mrs Mercer.

A large group of over 50 turned out on the Green and there was rivalry all over the place as rugby players from Hawick and Jedburgh joined in to try their hand at traditional football, while there were also participants from Bonchester and the outlying areas.

Ewan Scott (down) won the wedding ba’ of Mr & Mrs N. Cook; Bruce Lothian (down) won the wedding ba’ of Mr & Mrs W. Pringle; the Denholm Community Council and Denholm Feuars and Householders’ Association ba’ was won by Gavin Brodie (down); the Cross Keys Hotel ba’ was won by Craig Goodfellow (up); and Jamie Amos (up) claimed the Fox & Hounds Inn ba’.

That gave the final score six hails to the doonies and two to the uppies.

A spokesperson said: “It was another fun event and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Big thanks to all who took part.”