New books at the library

Fiction: Hill Farm by Miranda France – An ordinary farming life changes after one explosive argument. Portrait of a spy by Daniel Silva – Europe is exploding and one man must find out why. The unseen by Katharine Webb – a haunting tale of love, deception and murder. A deniable death by Gerald Seymour – an epic novel of life and death in the moral maze of the post-9/11 world

Non-Fiction: Banjo for Dummies by Bill Evans – start playing today! Free radicals by Michael Brooks – the ingenious and hilarious secret anarchy of science. Fruit by Mark Diacono – a practical guide to growing, harvesting and cooking your own fruit. Get the edge by Geoff Beattie – a guide to how simple changes will transform your life. My beautiful genome by Lone Frank – exposing our genetic future one quirk at a time.