Gallery exhibition offers ‘Different Perspectives’ on various paintings

Win Nichol and Myra Larsen
Win Nichol and Myra Larsen
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CURRENTLY being staged in the Waterfall Gallery in Hawick Museum, is ‘Different Perspectives’, an exhibition of paintings by Win Nichol and Myra Larsen.

And it is an exhibition that is well worth a look, for the standard of the work of the two respective artists is first class.

Win and Myra paint in completely different styles and this offers a refreshing tone.

Win’s work has a strong local themse in which the splendour of the beauty of Wilton Lodge Park in a variety of scenes is splendidly captured.

An autumn Wilton Lodge Park, Wilton Lodge park itself, the park’s ‘Wee Bridge’, Langlands Bridge and the Waterfall - you name it and the glory of the park is there on canvas.

Add a ‘River Teviot walk’, ‘Sunset over Hawick’ and Ruberslaw and you feel you’ve had a stroll around the grey auld toon itself.

Besides this there are other gems on view, named ‘Tranquility’, ‘Bluebell walk’, ‘Ullswater’ and many more.

Talking of her paintings Win said: “I’m very fortunate to look over the River Teviot and see Wilton Lodge Park from my house at Parkdail. It’s just a wonderful park and I love walking through it.

“When I’m out on these walks I often take my sketch pad or my camera and catch a view or a scene that takes my eye. Then it’s down to the job of doing a painting and I just love this.

“I’m thrilled to have an exhibition, along with Myra’s work, in the museum.”

Mainly in waterclolour, ink, Myra’s paintings are also of an extremely high calibre and include local views as well, such as St Mary’s Church, Southfield Farm and Fatlips Castle.

There is also something for every season, ‘Winter birches’, ‘Autumn winds’, ‘Spring blossom’ and ‘Woods in summer’.

Myra said: “When I was at Hawick High School and I was taught by such wonderful teachers as Mr Finlayson, Mr Weir and Mr Hogg, I never thought for a moment that one day I would have paintings of my own hung in a gallery in Hawick Museum.”

The exhibition runs until August 28. The museum is open Monday to Friday 10am-12noon and 1pm-5pm; Saturday and Sunday 2pm-5pm.