Exhibition puts Pringle’s past in the spotlight

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A COLLABORATION between the Textiles Towerhouse and London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design has led to a celebratory exhibition of Pringle of Scotland’s famous style, writes Sarah Williamson.

‘From Hawick to Hollywood’ has been created by students of the prestigious college following last year’s Day of Record at Pringle’s former Glebe Mill. Donations of garments, memorabilia and existing material from the Pringle of Scotland archive form the body of the display, with sections on the Hawick women who acted as models and local ambassadors for the brand, as well as the actresses, such as Margaret Lockwood, Moira Shearer and Kathleen Ryan, all of whom were international ambassadors.

Curator Shona Sinclair commented: “This is a visually stunning and interesting exhibition that we are delighted to be involved with. The students of Central Saint Martins bring a subject with international appeal back to its roots and I am confident that it will have broad appeal to our visitors.’’

The exhibition opens next Saturday (April 9) and runs until September 24.