Common-Riding DVD flags up the tale of Cornet Nuttall’s big year

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TERIES can enjoy a trip down memory lane and the Common-Riding of 1986 from the comfort of their own living room, with a newly produced DVD entitled ‘A Cornet’s Tale’.

Twenty-five years ago David Nuttall was Cornet, Ian Whillans and Ian Nichol the Right and Left Hand men, and Bert Wear was the Acting Father, which although a Common-Riding of the past, has beeen reborn thanks to the talents of Hawick Camera Club – and the commentary skills of Ian Landles.

Only 250 copies have been produced of the Cornet’s Tale which tells David Nuttal’s story of his time as Cornet in pictures, from the beginning to the end – brilliantly captured through the lense by club members Derek Lunn, Elaine Lunn, Paula Lynn, Brian Thomson, Neil Corbett, Jim Law and Ian Rutherford a quarter of a century ago. And now it’s out on DVD, something the latter group of snappers would never have dreamed of at the time.

Previously shown on a screen in the Camera Club’s cinema in their High Street base, A Cornet’s Tale is a gem, which covers all angles of the Common-Riding in sterling style. From the Picking Night to the Handing Back of the Flag at the town hall, and even beyond, it’s all there in a nostalgic look back. Its highlights include not only a glance at Common-Riding activities and ceremonies, but the way Hawick has changed with glimpses at shops and landmarks long disappeared.

The DVD opens with a newly added section in which David Nuttall and his wife Gael introduce themselves, and invite townsfolk to reflect with them on a Cornet’s Tale of 1986. The first scene sees David as a prospective Cornet rising from his bed on the morning of the picking day, preparing to go to work at William Lockies. And the rollercoaster begins as the images switch to the buzz of Picking Night, with David’s declaration, the walk around the town, and the first smoker. The Big Four are now well and truly on board, and along with the Lasses, Gael Taylor, Sandra Mole, Lesley Miller and Acting Mother Jessie Wear, there is so much to unfold. Stunning photographs of the cavalcade of horses at Mosspaul and Denholm ride-outs, the Kirkin’ of the Cornet, the thrill of the Chase up the Nipknowes, the visit of the Cornet to the schools, the build-up to the big weekend – it is all captured to the full. There is also the splendour of the Colour-Bussing, and the Tying of the Ribbons at the Horse monument. Then there is the Common-Riding itself, from the Snuffin’ to the Hut and the Moor, to the Dipping of the Flag at the Cobble Pool, the singing at Millport, and the Ball, and much more.

Day two is also featured highly, including the returning of the Flag to the town hall, and the emotion shown on the faces by the Big Four on the balcony. And along with the many stunning images, viewers are treated to the narration skills of Ian Landles at his best, his words not only bringing great humour, but are very informaive as well.

Another plus is the music and songs which are a fitting background. Copies are available priced £10. Contact Gordon Gilfether on 376729 or 07914495284, or Sandy McVittie on 378359.