Charity challenge to find Man of Steel

Scott Weddle
Scott Weddle

THE search is on to find Hawick’s Man of Steel.

A charity challenge has been set up which incorporates a number of different events, including strength, muscle stamina and cardiovascular tests.

And the winner will hopefully still have the strength to lift a huge cheque for their chosen good cause.

Organiser Scott Weddle, pictured, who arranged the hugely successful bench press marathon last year, explained: “I’m trying to find Hawick’s all-rounder.

“It’s something that is suited to a variety of people, from rugby and football players to boxers, sprinters and athletes.”

In total there will be 11 events ranging from a single bench press and single lift squat, to a farmer’s walk and incline treadmill run, followed by a 500m row and bleep test.

Six events will be at the gym at Fairhurst Drive with the other five taking place at Think Fitness.

Scott added: “I’m not looking to sicken people. Although it’s all being held on one day, there will be enough time for people to recover.”

A minimum £50 sponsorship is required to enter the competition, which will take place on June 26. Sponsor forms are available from Yeomans, Northport and Think Fitness.