Burnfoot toast their Cornet at Common-Riding concert

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ALL the folk living in the ward of Burnfoot pledged the health of this year’s Cornet, his Lass as well and gave them their salute at the annual concert last Thursday night.

Just as the song ‘Home by Burnfoot’ says, and as the young and old joined in celebration with an evening of top-quality entertainment, it was clear that another young callant has the backing of the largest housing estate in the Borders.

Compered expertly by ex-Cornet Derek Inglis, that set the tone for a thoroughly enjoyable night as the other entertainers, Laurie Coburn, Bernie Armstrong, the evergreen Bert Armstrong, Joyce Tinlin and Evelyn Armstrong, maintained the high standard set.

There were also star turns for Cornet Nichol, Acting Father Iain, his Right Michael Davidson and Left Greg Easton; the female principals, Gillian, Andrea, Kirsteen Hill and Stacey Brand, who were joined by ex-Cornet’s Lasses Lesley Nichol and Marion Smith and ex-Acting Mother Pat McCartney; ex-Cornet Ian Nichol and local councillor Stuart Marshall.

Full report and more photographs in the paper.