Teri contingent poised for tilt at Oxton Games sprint

HAWICK sprinters feature heavily in the main event of the Oxton Games tomorrow, writes John Slorance.

In only its second year since returning to the summer games circuit, following an enforced absence, the Oxton card is full to bursting.

And there is no shortage of Teri hopefuls for the top race.

Ross Weir (pictured), who for the past two weeks has come in second in sprint finals at Jedburgh and St Ronan’s Games, runs off 21m.Now featuring under the banner of TLJT, David Rae and Dylan Ali have been placed on marks of 11m and 12.5m respectively.

David Lauder (13m), David Hush (22.5m), Ryan Trimby (15.5m), Drew Bryson (23m), Greg Bouglas (8m) and John Paxton (18m) are also among those competing.

Mark Young (55m) and Keith Murray (95m) are the Teri distance men in the 800m handicap, while in the 1,000m handicap the latter pair run from marks of 120m and 205m respectively.

Also in the mile are Michael Crowford (100m), Ged Smith (260m) and Gary Law (385m).

Meanwhile, Hawick is well represented in the junior and youth events.

Getting down on their marks in the junior 90m handicap are Nicole Campbell (13m), Amy Campbell (17m), Phillipa Robertson (9m), Brodie Graham (9.5m), Daniel Elliot (7m), Connie Bailey (6m), Calum Murray (17m), Ronan McKean (12.5m) and Barrie McLean (12m).

In the youths’ 90m, Jack Wilson (8m), Megan Shiel (14m), Sam Bandeen (2m), Darcy Graham (11m), Corey Wilson (7m) and Ryan Elliot (1m) all go.

Other senior, junior and youth events complete the Oxton bill.