Senior bowlers line up defeat for Gala

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The Hawick Club’s seniors earned the points at Gala last Tuesday with a 63 shots to 55 win in a keenly-contested match. Tops for the visitors were W. Wells, C. Logan and G. Lyall (skip).

Details: R. Fulton 15 J. H. Reilly 22; L. Thin 20 A. Wilson 9; M. Blyth 12 R. McDonald 16; J. Dickson 8 G Lyall 16.

The ‘A’ team took the spoils by 85 shots to 80 at a very wet Ancrum last Wednesday night. Best for the Teries were N. Anderson, C. Anderson, C. Spalding and N. Amos (skip).

Details: C. Skeldon 28 M. Christy 13; B. Law 14 B. Anderson 18; N. Spence 10 N. Amos 22; D. Oliver 13 L. Clarkson 13; S. Skeldon 15 S. Clarkson 19.

Last Friday night saw the ‘A’ team come came away with an excellent 82 shots to 66 victory at Earlston. Top rink for Hawick comprised W. Wells, A. Wilson, K. Ford and L. Clarkson (skip).

Details: P. McInally 8 L. Clarkson 21; G. Cessford 14 B. Anderson 13; R. Beattie 18 N. Amos 12; A. Moffat 15 C. Spalding 15; P. Scott 11 S. Clarkson 21.