Senior bowlers get win for Buccleuch

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Buccleuch: Last Tuesday saw the senior men record a good 69 shots to 42 win at Newtown. Best for the Teries were B. Rorrison, H. Miller and A. Martin 23-7.

Also last Tuesday, the ladies’ league opener at home to Gala Abbotsford resulted in both teams notching one win, with three points awarded to the hosts and two to the visitors. Buccleuch’s winning rink comprised H. Chamberlain, E. Sykes, M. Pearson and C. Hogarth.

The men struggled away to a strong Selkirk outfit last Wednesday, losing all five rinks and by 99 shots to 54.

Saturday’s Carlsberg Triples, which attracted an entry of 30, saw E. Turnbull, N. Whillans and C. Hogarth recording a 5-2 victory in their semi-final against D. Neil, G. Moyes and W. Thomson. The other semi was won by J. McCrone, T. Cairns and G. Brown who defeated N. Megahy, K. Miller and D. Gentleman by six shots to three. In the final, Turnbull, Whillans and Hogarth who took the spoils by fours shots to two.

Hawick: The seniors suffered a comprehensive 69 shots to 35 defeat at local rivals Wilton last Tuesday. The visitors’ only success was the Bobby McDonald-skipped rink. Details: C. Rae 16 G. Lyall 6; K. McCartney R. McDonald 11 9; W. R. Patterson 19 R. Lyall 8; G. Brownlee 25 J. H. Gray 10.

Last Wednesday saw the A team pull off a great escape, when L. Clarkson’s rink, who had failed to score in 10 ends at home to Gala Waverley, picked up 12 shots over the last two heads to earn the Teries an 88 shots to 84 victory. Details: L. Clarkson 19 R .Nicholson 21; W. Anderson 16 D. Miller 21; M. Christy 17 B. Blackwood 14; N. Amos 17 R. Crawford 15; G. Lyall 19 D. Wilson 13.

The ‘B’ team slipped to a 61 shots to 43 defeat at Gala Waverley, against whom they had to field one triples rink. Details: R. Shearer 15 W. Blaikie 12; A. Gammie 16 T. Anderson 6; A. Kimber 23 N. Anderson 6; W. Brownlee 7 S. Spalding 19.

Wilton: Although the ‘A’ team made a big push during the closing stages of last Wednesday’s match at home to Melrose, it was too little too late and they were beaten by 81 shots to 75. Best squad for the Wiltonians comprised Mike Upton, Jock Elliot, Kenny McCartney and Chris Macdougall (skip). Details: D. Macdougall 6 N. McNally 24; R. Taylor 18 I. Crawford 11; C. Sutherland 11 K. Johnstone 13; A. Brady 17 L. Haldane 18; C. Macdougall 23 M. Thin 15.

The ‘B’ squad shared two winning rinks apiece at Kelso, and were narrowly defeated by 71 shots to 69. Top rink for Wilton was David Gray, Kenny Hill, Brian Stormont and Jock Graham (skip). Details: J. Coleman 14 L. Forrest 18; C. Brown 21 R. Redmond 12; W. Bell 19 M. Scott 16; J. Utterson 17 J. Graham 23.

Saturday’s third match of the Hamilton Trophy series, which was hosted by Wilton, saw a Borders side including Wilton’s Reece Taylor and Alan Brady, beating West Fife by 118 shots to 103.