War of words over match postponement

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Rugby news

HAWICK RFC president Rory Bannerman is adamant the club has “nothing to hide” following the postponement of Saturday’s RBS Premiership fixture at home to Ayr.

The game was called off due to a waterlogged pitch, a decision which sparked a furious reaction from the visitors, who branded the Greens “pretenders” while also threatening to report Hawick to the SRU.

Billy McHarg, Ayr president, was left baffled that Hawick could not find an alternative playing location on Saturday.

“As a club and president we are all very disappointed the match was cancelled, we were desperate for the game to go ahead,” he said.

“I had been told midweek that they [Hawick] were not keen on playing us as they only had 17 fit players and come Saturday morning I cannot say I was surprised to discover the game had been postponed.

“In the top division of Scottish rugby this shouldn’t happen. They called the game off because the pitch was not playable, but Hawick YM managed to find an alternative playing location so why couldn’t Hawick, who are supposed to be the biggest team in town? Overall, it is a total disgrace and honestly the club need to take a long look in the mirror because if they want to be a top 10 team in Scotland this is not the way to go about it. At this point, Hawick are just pretending to be a top team and, frankly, they don’t deserve to be in the league after this carry-on.

“I will be speaking to the coaches this week about reporting them to the SRU, as situations like this can be avoided with proper planning and organisation.”

Responding to McHarg’s comments, Hawick president Rory Bannerman told the Hawick News:“Firstly I am deeply offended by the way Ayr Rugby Club have gone about this, it is completely intolerable. If someone had an issue then they should have picked up the phone and contacted us first.

“On Friday afternoon Mansfield Park was playable but the deluge overnight caused the pitch to fill up and become waterlogged.

“To suggest Hawick are trying to pull the wool over their eyes and calling us a cheat is ridiculous, If the roles were reversed, we certainly would not be calling Ayr into question. They have called into question Hawick Rugby Club’s integrity and my own, and I encourage them to take the matter further [with the SRU] as we have nothing to hide.”