Wands and PSA prepare to do battle in ‘tough match’


Local semi-junior rivals Hawick Wanderers and Hawick PSA are set to to square off in tomorrow’s derby clash at Volunteer Park.

Both teams would like to end the game on a positive note for completely different reasons, with Wanderers keen to maintain their push for a top-three spot, while PSA are aiming to end an 11-game winless drought.

Ahead of the derby, Wands head coach Gerry McGuines said: “Both teams have obviously been fairing very differently this season.

“We’re expecting a tough match but it would be an understatement if I say I’ll be disappointed if we don’t win.”

For PSA, head coach Graeme Cannon is hopeful of a big performance.

“If we equip ourselves the way I know we are capable of then we’ll make a game of it,” he said. “We’ve got a few winnable games coming so a result this weekend would help lift us and set us up for a possible run of positive results.”

Tomorrow’s match kicks off at 2pm.