Tough going for young PSA outfit

Rugby news
Rugby news

Hawick PSA 0

Kelso Harlequins 60

This was another tough match for a young PSA side who were unable to match the physicality of a much bigger Kelso outfit.

The Teri lads competed well in midfield, the scrums creaked but held, but as soon as Kelso got within five metres of PSA’s try-line they were able to drive over for the score.

The young Tweedsiders notched 38 points in the first half, but PSA kept them out for the first 15 minutes of the second half, then tiredness and injuries took their toll and Kelso were able to stretch their advantage.

PSA’s forwards put in a big shift, containing the Kelso pack for long periods of the match, Skipper Bryan Hall again led by example. Each week there are improvements, the boys are working hard at training and it is starting to show during matches.