report offers ‘way forward’

THE long awaited report into the future of Hawick rugby has been completed this week.

And among the proposals penned by its author Brian Renwick is for a Hawick rugby company to be set up, the appointment of a director of rugby to deal with the entire town and the potential reformation of the Trades.

Former Greens captain Renwick was charged with writing the report by Hawick RFC at the end of last year and questionnaires were available to clubs, players and interested parties.

The results, which affect every aspect of the game, from the minis right through to the senior side, have now been compiled and sent out with the hope of implementation.

Mr Renwick told the Hawick News: “The challenge is now laid down by the rugby people of Hawick and it’s up to them to discuss and debate the findings in this report.

“We need to find a way forward, what came out of the questionnaires was a need for change but also that there was still a huge pride in the town’s rugby traditions.”

Among the aspirations returned was a desire to see the relationships between teams improve, better leadership from Hawick and improved facilities.

And Mr Renwick stressed that the governance of the game had to change.

“It was quite clear from the feedback that we all need to work more closely together.

“We would be looking to create a new company that would run all rugby in Hawick. All the key stakeholders would be part of that and would create accountability right through to the senior side,” he said.

“Decisions made would be in the best interests of rugby in Hawick and not necessarily one individual club.”

Hawick Rugby Club currently operate a director of rugby, but the plan being put forward is for a director of rugby to take charge of all aspects of rugby in the town and the incumbent would deal with the implementation process as a result of the report.

Mr Renwick said: “They would be accountable to this new limited company.”

And the plans for the resurrection of the Trades are likely to raise a few eyebrows of interest.

Mr Renwick explained: “Currently there are adult players in the town who can’t get a game of rugby. The idea would be that those players who aren’t getting a game at their club could play in maybe four friendly fixtures a year, just for fun and perhaps this could be done under the banner of the Trades.”

The report has been sent to all clubs this week and it is the intention for discussion and debate before all agreeing a way forward. Copies of the report will be made available to townsfolk within the next two weeks.