Quins and Linden to lock horns


The rivalry between Hawick Harlequins and Hawick Linden is well stated but the real question ahead of Saturday’s clash at Wilton Lodge Park is can the two clubs be good at the same time?

“Yes we can,” said Quins head coach Gary Murdie, whose side sit seventh in East Regional 1, four places above their bottom-placed local rivals.

“I think in years gone by the turnover of players has been so high and with boys moving on more frequently the two teams haven’t been able to build continued success. This year, however, I think both clubs are well placed.”

Linden coach Davy Gray echoed his counterpart, saying: “I’m positive both clubs can enjoy success at the same time.”

Often with town rivals, one is up while the other is down or vice versa, with local teams competing for players and resources. And this is certainly a reflection of the situation at Quins and Linden.

But Murdie is optimistic: “It’s been a while since both clubs have been relevant but there is a feeling of positive changes coming,” he said.

“Yes, this season hasn’t gone exactly to plan but we’ve been competitive. We have a good balance of youth and experience, and we’re confident that offers us a good base and can lead us to better results.

“The aim for us this weekend is to really put on a show and make a statement over our rivals which will hopefully set us up for the rest of the season.”

Gray added: “Success comes in cycles, and I really do think our future is a lot brighter than it has been in recent years. For us, we have the new facilities coming and we’re looking at that as a way to get us on the front foot and show a future that extends further than being just a feeder club.

“It’s not been perfect [this season] but we’ve been improving and despite being probable underdogs this weekend,
form goes out the window in derbies and anything can happen.”