PSA lose place and let victory slip from their grasp

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border cup

Hawick PSA14

Tynedale Colts15

PSA lost to Tynedale Colts in a match they should have won, their downfall being poor discipline and decision-making.

PSA elected to play with the wind at their backs, but it was Tynedale who started the better, PSA were slow to start and the bigger Tynedale forwards were getting the better of the early exchanges. They were first to score with a close-range try.

PSA started to come into the match but ill discipline let them down, McAuley Trotter being shown a yellow card for foul play.

The game was then stopped for 20 minutes for an injury to PSA’s Brandon Murray. He was treated by paramedics for a neck injury, but thankfully it was not a serious injury.

The game restarted and after a spell of Tynedale pressure excellent PSA defence saw the ball go loose, to be scooped up by Kirk Ford, who ran the length of the field to score a try. He added the conversion to give PSA a 7-5 lead at half-time.

After the break, PSA were playing into the wind, and Tynedale pinned them deep into their own half. Tynedale were soon in front again from a try created by their big pack, again going over from close range.

PSA were pinned in their own half and kicking any distance
into the strong wind was pointless.

Midway through the second half the pack rumbled up the pitch, picking up speed as they went. Stuart Hair was eventually stopped 10m from the try line, and the ball was then spun wide for Joseph Chipakupaku to go in under the posts for a well-worked try. The conversion was successful, and PSA led 14-10.

The question was: could PSA hold out? It looked like they were going to, the PSA defence holding strong, then the match turned again.

PSA had stopped a Tynedale attack and were awarded a penalty on their 10m line, only for the penalty to reversed for some foul play by Bryan Hall. He was shown a yellow card, and from the penalty Tynedale went in for a try to take the lead 15-14.

PSA were determined to retake the lead but poor decision-making meant that any attack was easily defended by Tynedale, with too many players wanting to be captain.

Kirk Ford did attempt a difficult penalty kick but into a strong wind the kick drifted wide.

There was no more scoring and the match petered out, with PSA left ruing their missed chances in a game they should have won.

For PSA Joseph Chipakupaku played well in the backs and Shaun Fleming has found his position in the back row.