Performance was encouraging, says McNeil

Hawck's Shawn Muir tries to find a way through the defence
Hawck's Shawn Muir tries to find a way through the defence

Hawick put past failures behind them to earn a draw against Heriot’s on Saturday to keep their relegation survival alive.

The 2016 season hasn’t gone according to plan for the Robbie Dyes. After winning nine games at the same point a year ago, the Greens have lurched their way to just three victories and eight losses, good for last in the BT Premiership.

There wasn’t a side more desperately in need of a win to kick-off the second half of the season Saturday. If the Greens had any hope of staying amongst Scotland top ten armature sides, points were a must against the reigning champions.

Hawick didn’t quite accomplish their goal but did manage a respectable 15-15 draw, and while there remains ground to made up before the Greens can stop thinking relegation, Saturday could have been the start needed to save their season.

“We are fairly happy with the two points, it was a good performance against a full strength and talented Heriot’s side,” said Hawick captain Bruce McNeil.

“We put a lot into the game and really went for the win. I think we had them on their knees for long periods and we played at a high level for about 76 minutes.

“I think we switched off for just four minutes which unfortunately was when they got themselves back into the game.”

For one game at least, the Greens looked to have fixed most of the issues that have dogged them this year –assured on both the offence and defensive sides of the ball.

“We only got two points but is two points gained not lost,” added McNeil.

“I understand we moved back to the bottom of the table but if we keep picking up points week-to-week we should be ok.

“Everything is still in our hands and that is important at this stage.

“We had [Rory] Hutton returning and he brings a lot to the team.

“He helps lift us with his improvisation and helps me during the difficult periods of the game.

“With him back and a great three-week break behind us – which we treated as a mini pre-season – where we worked on our fitness and really got to work on what was failing us in the first portion of the season.

“Saturday’s result wasn’t perfect but it was a start.”

Alexander McLeman