MacLeod: Challenge is to get better

One promising season can be a fluke but to repeat it could prove that at Mansfield Park there is something bigger brewing.

Hawick jumped in class this season. After two consecutive losing seasons, that included a pair of relegation battles, the Robbie Dyes led the league for two months as one of the most balanced and frightening squads in the BT Premiership but right when it looked almost guaranteed they would make the play-offs they faltered, missing them by a whole 11 points.

Now that the season has ended comes the bigger challenge, doing it again but this time making sure they finish what they started.

One good season after a barren stretch can be considered a fluke. An aberration where luck played a huge part. Two consecutive seasons as a genuine title contender would say more about what Hawick are actually building.

“Look, it was disappointing how the season ended after what we achieved but it is what it is, things happen but now the challenge is to get better and learn from these mistakes,” said assistant coach, Scott MacLeod.

“We had a bit of a nightmare in the final stretch but there were factors that contributed to that. I’m not here to make excuses but we know what needs to be fixed and I’m confident this young group will stick together and really make a jump next season.

“We have a group here that are young and talented and with a few additions over the summer I really think we can get even better. This isn’t just a one-season deal, we want to keep building towards the ultimate goal.”