Leck’s vow to tackle Greens’ discipline issues

HAWICK coach Phil Leck has laid down the law to his players and made it clear poor discipline will not be tolerated.

And he has vowed to take offending culprits off the pitch and play with ten men if necessary.

At Saturday’s pre-match Q&A session he revealed his frustration at the penalty count in games against Kelso and Gala earlier in the season. And he bemoaned the amount of times they crossed the line but scores weren’t awarded by the referee.

He said: “I’m not going to blame the referee for that. I’m going to blame the attitudes of some of my players on the pitch, who are not always PC in the way that they treat referees.”

As a result, a meeting was held with players and a hard-line approach has been implemented.

“We said that the very next player who abuses a referee will come off the pitch. They won’t be sin-binned, they won’t be sent off, they’ll be fetched off,” he said.

“And if I have to play with ten men, we’ll play with ten men and I’ll take the consequences. But I will not have officials abused on my watch.”

Leck also appealed to Greens fans to be more positive in their support of the side

He added: “I want that level of positivity to come from the touchline as well as from the stands, where I would like to hear positive comments about the lads. And I would like to hear positive comments about the referee.

“And people who are not giving positive comments should be asked why, when the lads are trying their best to win games? Because they’re not out there doing it wrong on purpose.”