Hawick to produce new rugby paper

A PAPER on the future of rugby in the town will not be implemented.

And Hawick Rugby Club, who instigated the report by former captain Brian Renwick, are creating their own document after failing to agree on a number of key items.

It is understood the main issues of contention surround the governance of the game and the appointment of a director of rugby to oversee the entire rugby structure in the town.

Greens committee member Charlie Oliver defended their decision and denied they would be sticking with the status quo.

He said: “It would be absolutely foolish to commission a report and say we will go along with all the recommendations.

“Everyone is very grateful to Brian for doing the work, but we felt that hard decisions were being, in a way, bulldozed through.”

Mr Oliver said it was the belief that, as the senior club, they should take the lead in any moves, which would include the appointment of a director of rugby.

Mr Renwick admitted he was disappointed with the response. He said: “As far as I’m concerned I was asked by Hawick RFC to produce a paper and make recommendations to help develop the game in the whole town, based on the feedback from the questionnaires completed by the people of Hawick which I have done.

“At last Wednesday night’s meeting we started to go through the recommendations at which time Hawick voted against the first two proposals and decided to produce their own paper. I look forward to seeing their recommendations.”

The new paper will be revealed on the Wednesday after the Common-Riding.