Hawick refusing to give up the fight

Ali Weir of Hawick going for a conversion against Melrose
Ali Weir of Hawick going for a conversion against Melrose

Relegation-threated Hawick still believe the good times can roll again despite Melrose adding to their 2016 gloom on Saturday.

The good news about Hawick’s miserable 2-7 start to the season is that the Robbie Dyes had chances late to either win or tie in all but two of their losses. The bad news is that the Robbie Dyes had chances late to win or tie in all but two losses.

Such is life propping up the BT Premiership table. Hawick have tried to rectify their situation but with each button pressed seemingly new forms of pain and disappointment are found.

“We aren’t stupid, the players have accepted what our season has become,” said Greens stand-off, Ali Weir.

“There have been a lot of home truths delivered and honest talks about what has happened to our season.

“We’re nearly at the half-way point of the season now. We know what needs to be done.”

There have been squad changes, soul-searching moments and physically demanding training sessions, but none of them seem to have righted the sinking ship that has become Hawick’s 2016 season.

Hawick aren’t throwing in the towel, far from it, they only sit five points from relegation respite.

In their two most recent losses there have been noticeable signs of improvement, especially on defence that has a yielded a league high 314 points from nine games.

The Robbie Dyes hope for further improvement this weekend with Stirling County visiting another club stuck in the relegation quicksand, and Weir admitted a win has the potential to alter their current spiral downwards towards doom.

“When we played Stirling at the beginning of the year we were kicking ourselves we came away with zero points, we had played so well in the first half but gifted the game to them in the second, so we’ll be looking to make amends,” added Weir.

“A win on Saturday would be massive. We wouldn’t be getting cast adrift and we’d be dragging others into this fight.”

Hawick YM hope to take the field against Hamilton, East Regional Division One leaders Hawick Harlequins host second placed Murrayfield Wanderers, while Linden travel to Edinburgh Northern.