Harlequins’ fruits of labour now paying off

Hawick Harlequins trust in their rebuilding process have the Wilton Lodge Park side poised to end the lean years and bring some positivity back into Hawick Rugby.

Quins head coach Gary Murdie is convinced his side are set up for a bright future and is delighted the years of hard work building from the ground up with potential young stars is starting to bear fruit in the form of a surprise BT East Regional Divisional one title race.

“What we have seen from the boys has been great, everyone has stepped up from last season and we’re reaping the rewards,” said Murdie after watching his side dismantle Ross High last Saturday to record their eighth victory of 2016, a feat that took until the penultimate round to reach last season.

“We have played good rugby this season, it has been a long time coming in my view. The last five or six years the Quins’ have been steadily improving.

“Young guys coming up from the Wanderers and PSA have stuck by the club and made a big effort to grow with us. We have also recruited pretty well during the summers, and while some of the guys have moved on, others have stayed and brought more with them.

“We managed to get the likes of former YM captain, Steven Mabon, Liam and John Nichol plus others who have really made a difference for us.”

Quins have lost just three games dating back to a February team-bonding weekend away in Wales.

According to Murdie, that trip helped the club come closer together and build a comradery that the head coach attributes to his side’s success this season – Quins sit second, trailing leaders Murrayfield Wanderers on goal difference.

“There is a real sense of comradery amongst the boys which dates back to February last season when we took a team bonding trip to Wales,” added Murdie.

“That trip brought everyone a lot closer. All the boys really enjoy playing together which is one of the reasons why we have such a great atmosphere at the club and are doing so well right now.

“The club is in a healthy place right now which we hope just continues to grow as the season goes on.”

Alexander McLeman