Greens aim for five out of five

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On Halloween, Hawick bring their scarily good offensive form out to play in a top-four tussle against league leaders Ayr at Millbrae this weekend.

Teri winger Craig Russell is calling it a must-win game if the Greens are to prove they belong amongst the top teams in Scotland.

It wasn’t long ago that the Robbie Dyes were dropped from all BT Premiership play-off talk for stinking up the league with a 1-3 start to the season.

The Greens were cast adrift as they continued to adjust to their 2015/16 new identity of fast-paced, expansive rugby.

Fast forward to now, Hawick are playing on a whole new level.

Remodelled as a nasty, physical team, winning four from four, with an offense running riot averaging 32.5 points per game and worthy of national attention.

“We didn’t start the season at all the way we wanted, I think we were just slow in adjusting to what Nikki [Walker, head coach] and the coaches wanted from us,” said Russell this week to the Hawick News.

“We weren’t clicking together at all and lost games in really bad and avoidable ways but fast forward to now we are playing an elite brand of rugby that teams simply can’t deal with.

“We’ve won four from our last four and there is no reason why Ayr cant be number five in-a-row.

“For Hawick to make that step up to the next level we need to be beating teams like Ayr every week if we want to be considered amongst the best and respected around the league.”