Fresh faces on Hawick radar

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John Thorburn, the Hawick RFC vice-president, says the club is working hard to bring in new players for the coming season.

And the Hawick News understands that Greens coaches have cast their eye over two players from South Africa, but the club was unable to confirm details of the potential signings.

Looking ahead to the 2015/16 BT Premiership campaign, Thorburn highlighted the important role of the club’s re-established Second XV and underlined the need to improve the quality of their squad which he hopes will help launch the team to greater heights.

“The overall feeling is that to be realistically competing in the Premiership today you need to have a deep squad, so over the summer we’ve been trying to recruit players to make sure we have one of the most competitive units out there,” said Thorburn.

“In terms of signings from overseas, we haven’t got anything to report yet but we’re working hard on a few which we hope to have updates on soon. Aside from them, the reintroduction of the Second XV has meant that we’ve been getting good numbers at training and [it] has the beginnings of a well-balanced, competitive squad.”

Thornburn insisted there is now a feeling of renewed optimism that the Greens have finally shaken off the tag of Premiership basement boys, and he added: “The aim this season is to be competing for a place in the top four again and with the new Seconds team the hope is the increased squad depth will give us a real chance to continue our progress.”

“We aren’t anywhere close to the number of players we are targeting to start the season with but there is still four weeks to go until everything starts so a lot can change.

“After last season’s performance there is optimism all over the club and we feel there is a potential for us to move up to another level performance-wise.”