Every match a ‘must-win’ for YM to beat the drop

Hawick YM have nothing but must-win games from now until the end of the season, starting with tomorrow’s match against East Kilbride.

That’s according to Redskins captain Steven Mabon, who said this week that YM are taking a straightforward approach to the rest of their season: they need to win, or it is relegation from Scottish rugby’s National Leagues.

“It is a must-win situation for us, nothing less or the club will go down,” Mabon said to the Hawick News this week.

“The next three are extra critical to our survival because they’re against teams in a similar position to us. First it’s East Kilbride [at Mansfield Haugh], then Dalziel and Murrayfield Wanderers [both away], and if we don’t beat all three of them then I can’t see us staving off relegation.”

Mabon added: “The boys haven’t been happy in recent weeks about performances and we are not anywhere near where we want to be [in the league] right now but we have a chance to right those wrongs this weekend.”

Hawick YM have not won since November 1 and have lost three of their past four games at Mansfield Haugh in a horror run. Mabon suggested that the constant changes to the match-day squad haven’t helped, but admitted the real fault lies with the inconsistent play and lack of concentration.

“We have a core of about eight or nine lads who play week-in week-out which means we have close to eight boys coming into the squad from the Greens or other teams every weekend. That sort of constant player movement does disrupt things.

“I would, however, say that everyone who has played for the YM [this season] has been excellent and has put in 100 per cent and I believe that 
everyone has been learning.”

Mabon concluded: “That being said, we have also been very inconsistent with our play this season and mentally naïve.

“We have had spells in nearly all our games where we have controlled and dominated but have seemed to just switch off. That has cost us in big games and has to stop if we are to stay in this division.”