Depleted YM forfeit points

Hawick YM head coach David Grant is searching for answers after his side handed the league title initiative to their rivals without even touching a ball.

YM weren’t playing last weekend, not because they didn’t have a game, they were scheduled to play Selkirk A at Philliphaugh, but because they were forced to forfeit their contest due to an inability to raise a team. The consequence of this was a loss of crucial league points already earned and Currie stretch their lead at the top of the division to 12 points.

Grant said: “The problem is commitment, players just don’t turn up. What happened was always going to happen. We’ve had a yo-yo season when it comes to numbers at training and games, surviving largely on a core group so when injuries and boys are unavailable for one reason or another everything eventually comes crashing down.

“I knew midweek we might have a problem so Selkirk offered to play 13-a-side. I walked in to Mansfield on Thursday night thinking I had about 13-odd names on a sheet but when I was told we only had eight, I knew there was nothing we could do.”

It’s a telling picture Grant paints but that’s where the Redskins are. Forget the aesthesis, forget the style points, forget the statements or messages they have sent this season with their impressive performances, YM are flatlining at a point when they should be charging.

Grant added: “Imagine if we were losing games. I mean guys aren’t showing up to training and we were unbeaten atop the division. It’s not the club’s fault or the behind the scenes guys who all work hard and contact the players. We just can’t get them all to commit. With that said, I am still confident we can catch Currie and win the league but it’s going to take 100% effort from everyone not just a chosen few.”