Overseas quartet ‘interested’ in Greens

Hawick RFC president Alister Pow
Hawick RFC president Alister Pow

HAWICK president Alister Pow has revealed the club has had four applications from overseas players to join the Greens.

However, he was unable to name the players or say where they were from and admitted discussions with director of rugby Dougie Jackson and those involved were at a very early stage.

He told the Hawick News: “There’s four overseas players who have applied to join Hawick and there are players in the Borders who we have spoken to but nobody has committed whatsoever.

“As far as the four overseas players are concerned we don’t know of their quality or what their CVs look like, but they’ve been asked to send that over.”

At this week’s AGM Mr Pow expressed his concern at Kelso’s attempts to lure players away from Mansfield Park [Alistair Marsh and David Lowrie have made the move to Poynder Park], but he has categorically denied rumours that all Hawick players are now being paid.

He said: “We need the support of anybody who can come on board with sponsorship of any sort to try to compete with these other teams.

“We’re still recovering from rebuilding the place and, in a professional era, we’re maybe not on the same wavelength as teams like Kelso.

“Certain players here get expenses and there are certain players who have a contract – like Bruce McNeil – but he is an employee of the club. Stories that all the players are getting paid are not true.”

Moffat forward Graham Wright is currently training with Hawick.