Teviotdale prevail in hard-fought friendly

On Saturday, a five-rink Wilton Bowling Club side claimed a narrow three-shot victory at home to Jedburgh in a 16-end friendly match (respotted jacks for burnt ends) at the indoor stadium.

Details: S. Anderson 13 D. Munro 12; D. Macdougall 8 E. Lindores 20; K. McCartney 13 J. Taylor 18; C. Macdougall 22 D. Lightbody 4; G. Brownlee 12 H. Fisher 11. Wilton 68 Jedburgh 65.

Following the game, players made their way to the West Stewart Place clubrooms for a bite to eat, after which there were singles and pairs dominoe tournaments. Winner of the singles was Ian Strother; runner-up, David Laidlaw. Hugh Fisher and Duncan Macdougall took the honours in the pairs; runners-up,
Doug Munro and George Patterson.

n The following squad was chosen on Monday night to represent Teviotdale’s gents’ team in tomorrow’s match at East Fife: Rink one – C. Paterson, D. Poloczek, D. Reid and A. J. Kyle (skip). Rink two – R. Brown, D. Macdougall, R. Brady and S. Anderson (skip). Rink three – A. Taylor, R. Paxton, M. Christy and A. Brady (skip). Rink four – M. Upton, M. Notman, K. McCartney and M. Hogarth (skip). Reserves from – B. Killey and C. Deacon. Transport leaves from the leisure centre at 11.15am.

n Last Thursday’s annual New Year Rinks carpet bowling tournament, held at Jed-Forest Rugby Club, saw the foursome of June Clark, Ena Lauder, Ronnie McCulloch and Donald Clark (skip) take custody of the Border Carpet Bowling Association Cup for the second consecutive year. Runners-up were Lesley Anderson, Ian Anderson, Kenny Anderson and Grant Buchanan (skip). John Evans presented the prizes. Eighty bowlers took part.