Presentation nights for Buccleuch and Wilton bowlers

Bowlers get set for new season
Bowlers get set for new season

BUCCLEUCH: Saturday was presentation night and after the silverare was handed out, members enjoyed a buffet supper and dancing to live music.

Winners for the 2015 season: Ladies’ championship – 1, Marion Pearson; 2, Mary Martin. Ladies’ president’s – 1, Mary Martin; 2, Caroline Hogarth. Ladies’ pairs – 1, Helen Chamberlain and Caroline Hogarth; 2, Fiona Morrison and Liz Sykes.

Men’s championship – 1, Watt Thomson; 2, Brian Gray. Men’s senior championship – 1, Watt Thomson; 2, Frankie Spalding. Men’s president’s handicap – 1, George Sprott; 2, Bill Rorrison. Men’s triples – 1, Tony Little, Rob Little and Colin Birchley; 2, Jimmy McCrone, Bill Rorrison and Colin Easton.

Wright triples – 1, Helen Chamberlain, Norman Whellans and Bill Rorrison; 2, Jimmy McCrone, Lauren Morrison and Alistair Brown. Carlsberg triples – 1, Lauren Morrison, Alistair Brown and Brian Gray; 2, Tam Cairns, George Brown and Caroline Hogarth. Four-bowl mixed pairs – 1, Fiona Morrison and Brian Gray; 2, Liz Sykes and Watt Thomson. Hazelwood pairs – 1, Colin Easton and Alistair Brown; 2, Rob Little and Bill Rorrison. Watt Elder trophy – 1, Tony Nichol and Dennis Neil. Two-bowl singles – 1, Caroline Hogarth; 2, Alex Martin. Two-bowl pairs – 1, Tony Little and Caroline Hogarth; 2, Ritchie Silver and Bill Rorrison.

WILTON: Ten triples took part in the gents’ final fixture of the season which saw president Michael Notman’s team up recording a 92 shots to 63 victory over junior vice-president George Paterson’s squad. On the day, two of the president’s squads won heavily, with the vice-president’s outfit taking the spoils in the other three individual contests. Top squad for the president was A. Taylor, G. Brownlee and M. Notman. Best for the vice -president were K. Pringle, J. Graham and D. Macdougall (skip). Details: M. Notman 28 G. Patterson 6; W. R. Paterson 14 A. J. Kyle 16; C. Sutherland 13 J. Smyth 17; S. Anderson 13 D. Macdougall 19. M. Smyth 24 G. McPherson 5. The day concluded with the presentation of prizes for the winners throughout the season, followed by music from Jim Reilly who kept everyone dancing with his choice of music.

Members and friends of Wilton are reminded that the club will be open tomorrow (Saturday) for the World Cup game between Scotland and South Africa (kick-off 4.45pm) and England v Australia (8pm).