Kirkpatrick in the swing

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Results from the Keith Suddon Sports Therapist Winter Golf League (February 14-15): 1, S. Kirkpatrick 43 points; 2, D. Gibson 42; 3, R. Hush 41 (bih); 4, P. Leishman 41 (bl6); 5, I. Elliot 41 (blh); 6, I. Wright 41 (bl6); 7, F. Brunton 41; 8, M. Landles 40.

Nearest the pins: 1st – C. Oldham; 8th – A. Morrison; 13th – C. Neish; 14th – M. Christy; 18th – S. Robertson. There were seven twos (£4 each). Handicap changes: S. Kirkpatrick and D. Gibson, both cut three; R. Hush, cut two; P. Leishman, I. Elliot, I. Wright and F. Brunton, all cut two; M. Landles, cut one.

The January eclectic, sponsored by Hume and Tait, was won by D. Crawford. The February eclectic is sponsored by A. Ballantyne, Builders.