Anne’s in the zone as top gym performer

Anne Skeldon.
Anne Skeldon.

Local Think Fitness gym regular Anne Skeldon had finished in the world’s top 25 MYZONE users.

The MYZONE belt enables users to track workout progress and it is used by more than 750,000 keep-fitters all over the world. And the more you do, the more MEPS or MYZONE points, you get.

Hard core fitness fanatic Anne is in the O’Connell Street gym most days and takes part in gruelling Metafit, spinning and kettlercise sessions and also runs.

Speaking this week, Think Fitness co-owner Stuart Oliver said: “Anne has shown tremendous commitment and determination towards her training, particularly in the last couple of years.

“Finishing 21st in the World for last year MYZONE effort points is amazing.

“Anne is a prime example to anyone in demonstrating what can be achieved. Anne has embraced MYZONE as a motivation tool, and it has helped her get results.”

And as for Anne, who is 52, she says she’s stunned to have finished as far up the MYZONE rankings: “I can hardly believe it. Not bad for an old woman! I went on holiday in 2013 and looked at the photos when we came home and I thought ‘no, I have to do something’. The camera never lies and the hard work has paid off. I am really pleased.”

Local personal trainer Scott Weddle said: “I have known Anne for a couple of years in my capacity as a personal trainer. What she has achieved over that time in relation to weight loss and her fitness is truly remarkable. Myself and the staff at Think Fitness have taken great pleasure in giving Anne a sense of direction and structure when it comes to her training and by combining that with MYZONE,

“It has given her a real measurable way to set herself achievable goals. By adding all this to a massive amount of determination and dedication we are all very proud of what she has achieved. It as a huge accolade to be placed 21st among 750,000 worldwide Myzone users.”