Wheels in motion for cycle venue

Tentative plans have been unveiled to build a cycle facility in the town, writes Alexander McLeman.

Cycle Venue Hawick, an organisation set up to help gain support for the proposal, is working towards “providing the town with a venue aimed at making cycling a more natural part of people’s day – for leisure and commute”.

The group’s Benjamin Wilson added: “The main motivation behind this is to bring a cycle venue to Hawick. We feel the town is

missing out on a great opportunity. Cycling is a big part of many people’s lives and giving them the opportunity to use this facility will increase the amount of people on bikes.

“It all comes down to how many people come forward to support the campaign. I’m sure there is a demand for a cycling venue in Hawick and with both Borders Cycles and Hawick Cycles supporting the facility, and a Facebook page which is gaining traction, people can add their voice to this.”

Wilson continued: “The venue would be available to use by all age groups and I think it would bring people from all over the Borders to the town.

“We’ve also outlined some ideas of hosting competitive events that could bring money to hotels, B&Bs and pubs.”

Wilson also said there were no concrete designs in place on what the venue would look like or its location, and that if the organisation was succcessful in securing funding, the project would begin over the next few months.

Wilson explained: “At the moment we don’t have a solid design, we’ve played about with various ideas, nothing solid yet, though.

“We’re hoping to start progressing in the next six months but it all comes down to the availability of grant funding.

“We would hopefully have it finished in a year’s time, but these are only ballpark time scales.”

For more info and to comment on the proposals go to the Cycle Venue Hawick Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/85446447 4578473/?fref=ts.