Teviotdale crash to league newcomers

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The four-rink gents team representing Teviotdale were hosts for the first ever league match against the Berwickshire club, who are competing in this national tourney for the first time. With a fairly strong team for this encounter, the Leisure team were hopeful of recording a victory, but this was not the case as the visitors won by 22 shots.

After six of the scheduled 21 ends the home team led by 20 shots to 16, but this advantage had been reduced by the end of the same amount of heads, with the tally being 40-37. At this stage the visitors surged into the lead, adding 25 shots to their total, with only 12 shots being added to the home total, and this meant that the Swan Centre team forged ahead at 71 shots to 52; over the concluding three ends the visitors extended their advantage and recorded a win by 22 shots.

On the day only one home squad recorded a win: Duncan Macdougall, Ronnie Paxton, Graham Brownlee and Stuart Anderson (skip).

Details: C. Macdougall 16, S. Bebbington 24; A. Brady 11, E. Skelly 24; E. Lindores 14, R. Paterson 23; S. Anderson 19, G. Forsyth 11. Result:

Teviotdale 60, Berwickshire 82.

TOMORROW (Saturday) the Teviotdale gents team again contest a home fixture and this will be against the Balbardie team from Bathgate. Several changes have had to be made to the side due to unavailability so the selectors had an interesting meeting on Monday night and they have come up with the following selection.

Rink One – K. McCartney, R. Paxton, G. Brownlee and S. Anderson (skip). Rink Two – J. Darling, D. Reid, G. Smith and E. Lindores (skip). Rink Three – A. Taylor, J. Smyth, F. Donaldson and A. Brady (skip). Rink Four – M. Hogarth, D. Poloczek, D. Macdougall and B. Anderson (skip). Reserves – B. Gray and T. Stephenson.

RESULTS from the first round of games in the Pub and Club League played on Sunday were as follows: Wilton 19, H. Bell 9 (11 points to 5 and +10 shots); Mansfield Bar 15, Lodge 111 5 (13-3, +10 shots); Waverley Bar 14, G. Smith 11 (9-7, +3). Games this Sunday are: Mansfield v Waverley Bar; Wilton v G. Smith; H. Bell v Lodge 111. All games start at 10am.

TEVIOTDALE SENIORS: Last Wednesday the side travelled to Berwick for a league game. In this very close encounter the lead swung both ways throughout. And at the close of play, with the visitors one shot up and the last rink still on the carpet, it was the home team who got the four-shot win, to win overall by just three shots (78-75). Best for Teviotdale were E. Collie, A. Martin, H. Fisher and G. Brownlee (skip) 19-15. The next game is away to East Lothian at Meadow Mill.