Teries’ high five at Langholm

Jordan Taylor wins the Langhom 800m handicap
Jordan Taylor wins the Langhom 800m handicap

Hawick athletes hit the winning trail in spectacular style with no fewer than five victories at last Friday’s Langholm Games.

Jordan Taylor got Hawick’s success-laden day on the Castleholm track off to a great start when winning the 800m handicap with some fine running.

From the Alex Corbett school, Taylor (55m) showed up well from the gun and strode on to win in two minutes 20.59 seconds.

Talking to the Hawick News, he said: “I was told that Paul Bellingham, who had a big start, was the danger man but I didn’t really notice him until the last lap. He was still a good bit in front of me and I had to really go to catch him.”

Rory Anderson (40m) also put victory the way of the Corbett stable by gaining the honours in the 1,600m handicap.

Performing well from start to finish, Anderson emerged a convincing winner in 4.49.08.Fellow Teri runners Bruce Hughes (70m) and Mark Young (100m) were second and third respectively.

Commenting on matters, Anderson, who has shone throughout the season with some top-notch shows, said: “I’ve had five wins now and it’s been a great season for me. It’s been a great season for the school as well, as we have had a lot of other wins. We have coach Alex Corbett to thank for this as h’s done a brilliant job training us.”

Veteran Drew Bryson (45m) took the spoils in the 200m handicap. Coached in Hawick by Selkirk man Colin Bruce, 52-year-old Bryson was beaten in his heat but found himself in the final as a fastest loser.

There was to be no second place in the final, though, as Bryson pulled something special out of the bag in a winning run.

In the closing stages of the race, the field was closing in on the Hawick runner. Bryson was going for glory though and showing great grit and determination hung on to his lead to hit the tape in 22.44 seconds.

Talking of his win, a jubilant Bryson said: “Although I was beaten in my heat I thought I might have a chance in the final. I just went all out from the start. Near the end I knew that the other runners were starting to close in as I could hear heavy breathing behind me. I managed to keep going, though, and get there. This was my second win of the season as I also won the 200m handicap at Hawick Games. Over the years I’ve not won a lot of races so for me to have won two this season is unbelievable.”

Youngster Tom Fowler (30m) excelled in the junior 200m handicap.

Following an impressive heat win, Fowler, who is coached by Davie Grieve, did it all again in the final when romping home in 24.65 seconds.

Fowler commented: “I haven’t done very well in the sprints but that was my third win in the 200m this season. The 200m is a good race for me.”

Darcy Graham rose to the occasion for Hawick when triumphing in the high jump.

Speaking of his win, the Scotland under-18 rugby internationalist said: “I’d ran in the 90 and 200m but apart from winning my heat in the sprint, didn’t do anything. Winning this high jump, however, made up for this. I also enjoyed the high jump as it was something different.”

Hawick sprinters David Hush (20m) and David Lauder (12.5m) both reached the final of the 90m handicap. Victory in the last showdown, however, went the way of Selkirk’s Colin Bruce (13m), with Hush and Lauder coming in second and third respectively.

In the 90m sprint championship, Dylan Ali came in a place behind victor Cameron Tindle of Berwick.

Youngsters Keeley Womack (20m) and Kay Robertson (27m) reached the final of the junior 90m handicap. Mollie Kettrick of Longtown (16m) emerged the winner, with Robertson coming in second.