Round the bowling greens


BUCCLEUCH: Last Tuesday saw the seniors record a 72 shots to 47 win at home to Newtown in their penultimate league game. Best for the Teries were I. Molloy, G. Johnstone and W. Thomson (skip) 23-9.

Seventy-two bowlers took part in Sunday’s John Beattie & Sons Open Triples, played at the Buccleuch and Hawick clubs, and it was the trio of S. Spalding, S. Barker and C. Spalding (skip) who took the spoils in the final on the Buccleuch green against D. Cochrane, A. Lugget and L. Clarkson (skip). The beaten semi-finalists were H. Peacock, D. Reid and D. Harris (skip), and J. Richardson, G. Scott and A. Burbridge (skip). Thanks to competition sponsors John Beattie & Sons (Funeral Directors) for their support.

HAWICK: The seniors enjoyed a very good 66-46 win at home to Kelso last Tuesday. Top rink for the Teries comprised Drew Johnstone, Anthony Anderson and Bobby McDonald (skip). Details: J. H. Reilly 17 J. Coleman 11; A. Wilson 11 G. Laing 10; R. McDonald 24 J. Utterson 10; G. Lyall 14 D. South 15.

Last Friday night’s gents’ singles championship was an extremely tight affair and saw Steve Richardson finally emerge the winner by 21 shots to 16 over Scott Clarkson.

Saturday’s Wallace Express and Luxury Lawns Open Pairs attracted a good entry from as far afield as Castle Douglas, and an afternoon of good bowling culminated in victory for Euan Lindores and Ross Nichol. The club would like to thank the competition sponsors for their continued support.

WILTON: The club’s bowling weekend got under way last Friday with a 98 shots to 58 win at the Charleston club in Paisley. Top Teri squad on the night was June Robertson, Sonya Roddan, Alister Taylor and Graham Brownlee (skip). Details: J. Gordon 8 C. Macdougall 18; I. Easton 10 B. Jaffray 11; A. Hill 6 D. Macdougall 9, ; B. Logan 7 S. Anderson 20; G. Brownlee 21 J. Wilson 6; R. Grose 5 R. Brady 13; R. Turner 16 J. Smyth 6.

Saturday afternoon’s fixture against Anchor Bowling Club, also of Paisley, resulted in a victory for the West Stewart Place side by 103 shots to 99. Top squad for the isitors comprised Donald Robertson, Sheena Graham, Bill Jaffray and G. Brownlee (skip). Details: J. Abraham 11 S. Anderson 19; A. Doonan 14 C. Macdougall 11; D. Haswell 13 B. Millar 15; W. Young 18 R. Patterson 13; A. Pickering 17 D. Macdougall 12; D. Todd 17 S. Macdougall 10.

The tourists travelled to Biggar on Sunday morning and secured their third success of the weekend when beating the hosts by 106 shots to 99 following a nail-biting climax. Top squad for the visitors was Ruth Jones, Sonya Roddan, Alister Taylor and John Smyth (skip). Details: J. Yuille 17 R. Brady 10; E. Dick 14 S. Anderson 12; R. Hutchison 15 G. Brownlee 17; J. McMillan 19 B. Jaffray 14; L. Scott 15 S. Macdougall 13; C. Howland 12 C. Macdougall 18; J. Gibson 7 J. Smyth 22. Wilton president Michael Notman was in charge of the speeches and presentation of gifts.

Tomorrow (Saturday), Wilton’s four-rink ‘B’ team play Kelso in the final of the Knockout Plate at Selkirk at 10.45am.