Cross Country clean sweep for Peebleshire

Overall Primary School winners - Priorsford
Overall Primary School winners - Priorsford

A total of 600 runners took part in the Borders Schools Cross-Country Championships at Netherdale, Galashiels, last Thursday.

Organised by the Scottish Borders Athletics Development Group and Borders Sport and Leisure Trust the event included pupils from primary and secondary schools right across the region.

P6 Girls winner Emily Carrick-Anderson

P6 Girls winner Emily Carrick-Anderson

With the sun shining and the temperature rising to provide atypical cross-country weather, the day’s action brought about some sizzling competition with both individual and team prizes on offer.

Athletics Development Group representative Gregor Nicholson said: “We’ve witnessed another fantastic day of running at Netherdale showcasing some impressive talent from across the Scottish Borders but also great commitment and determination from nearly six hundred finishers, a healthy increase on last year.

“It’s an event which is made possible only with the support of many, including Borders Sport and Leisure Trust, the HNC and HND sports development students from Borders College, Gala RFC, Scottish Borders Council and our fantastic team of volunteer helpers and marshals. We are very grateful to them all.”

Athletes from Peebleshire were the undisputed winners of the day, claiming all 12 category team titles, 10 individual titles and both overall team titles. But Borders Sport and Leisure Sport Development officer Neil Renton was encouraged by the standards shown by the record entry of 40 Primary schools and all nine Borders Secondary schools that were represented.

Girls Open winners, Peebles High School

Girls Open winners, Peebles High School

“This is an excellent initiative from the Athletics Development Group working in partnership with local clubs, along with support from Borders Sport and Leisure and students from Borders College,” he added.

“Opportunities have now been provided for all school pupils across the Borders to participate in cross country and it was really exciting to see youngsters from all areas competing at such a high standard.”


P6 Boys (2k): 1, Euan Christie (Earlston) 8 minutes 08 seconds; 2, Ritchie Mitchell (Clovenfords) 8.21; 3, James Clare Priorsford 8.23. Team winners: Kingsland (Jake Lockyer, Jack Murphy, Rory Laidlaw) 27 points.

Gavin Bryson leads the Open race

Gavin Bryson leads the Open race

P6 Girls (2k): 1, Emily Carrick-Anderson (Priorsford) 8.46; Esme Minto (Priorsford) 8.49; 3, Holly Hobbs (Priorsford) 9.04. Team winners Priorsford 6 points.

P7 Boys (2k): 1, Gregor Collins (St Peter’s) 7.36; 2, Murray Aiken (Priorsford) 7.50; 3, Blake Hedley (Melrose) 8.03. Team winners: Priorsford (Aiken, Keith Kitching and Fraser Stewart) 18 points.

P7 Girls (2k): 1, Madeline Collins (Kingsland) 8.42; 2, Derri Burton (Howdenburn) 8-44; 3, Maisie Ballantyne (Wilton) 8.51. Team winners: Priorsford (Katie Grieve, Ellie Farndon, Lucy Smith) 22 points.

Overall Primary Schools Team Championship: 1, Priorsford 75 points; 2, Kingsland 190; 3, Earlston’s 298.

S1 Boys (2k): 1, Michael Girdler (Peebles HS) 7.20; 2, Kacey Bunker (Galashiels Academy) 7.55; 3, Maxwell Drummond (Peebles HS) 8.04. Team winners: Peebles HS (Girdler, Drummond, Euan Maciver) 9 points.

S1 Girls (2k): Hannah Little (Peebles HS) 7.59; 2, Charlotte Morrison (Peebles HS) 8.31; 3, Mhairi Forbes 8.31. Team winners: Peebles HS (Little, Morrison, Eilidh Mooney) 7 points.

S2 Boys (3k): 1, Ethan Elder (Peebles HS) 11.09; 2, Corran Carrick-Anderson (Peebles (HS) 11.13; 3, Craig Angus (Peebles HS) 11.37. Team winners Peebles HS 6 points.

S2 Girls (3k): 1, Charlotte Clare (Peebles HS) 12.28; 2, Beth Hobbs 12.38; Elena McGorum (Peebles HS) 12.46. Team winners: Peebles HS 6 points.

S3 Boys (3k): 1, Euan Hood (Peebles HS) 11.18; 2, Fraser Clyne (Hawick HS) 11.32; 3, Jamie Armstrong (Hawick HS) 11.47. Team winners: Peebles HS (Hood, Joe Robertson, Finlay Collins).

S3 Girls (3k): 1, Anna McGorum (Peebles HS) 13.19; 2, Rhiannon Fagan (Earlston HS) 13.28; 3, Dayna Anderson 14.17. Team winners: Peebles HS (McGorum, Lucy Gray, Rachel Isherwood) 13 points.

Open Girls (3k): 1, Mairi Wallace (Peebles HS) 12.32; 2, Katie Rourke (Earlston HS) 12.41; 3, Elena Heger (Earlston HS) 13.19. Team winners: Peebles HS (Wallace, Fiona Grant, Kazya Stevens) 10 points.

Open Boys (4k): 1, Gavin Bryson (Earlston HS) 12.32; 2, Thomas Otton (Galashiels Academy) 12.41; 3, Kobe Stevens (Peebles HS) 13.19. Team winners: Earlston HS (Bryson, Faisel Khursheed, Patrick Heger) 16 points.

Overall Secondary Schools Team Championship: 1, Peebles HS 78 points; 2, Earlston 193; 3, Jedburgh 468.