Cross-border raid yields victory for Teviotdale

THE first ever game between Teviotdale and Berwick indoor teams saw the Teries claiming with the spoils with a 68 shots to 44 victory at the Swan Centre.

All four of the visiting squads won their individual games, and top squad for the leisure centre side comprised Mark Hogarth, Ronnie Paxton, Graham Brownlee and Andrew Kyle (skip), who defeated G. Campbell, A. Black, G. Douglas and R. Kerr (skip).

Details: D. Reid 21 E. Skelly 13; D. Poloczek 13 D. Kerr 10; S. White 16 S. Bebbington 12; A. Kyle 18 R. Kerr 9.

A return game has been arranged for Saturday, March 9, and a sheet for names is on the noticeboard at the indoor bowling hall.

The Wilton side for tomorrow’s challenge game against Kelso is: Rink one – C. Cook, W. Greens, R. Redmond and D. Macdougall (skip). Rink two – E. Pollard, K. McCartney, J. Smyth and S. Anderson (skip). Rink three – A. Dickson, W. Killey, J. Murdie and W. R. Paterson (skip). Rink four – B. Stormont, J. Szoneberg, K. Lyle and G. Brownlee (skip). Rink five – A. Taylor, G. Hughes, M. Notman and C. Macdougall (skip). Players to be at the leisure centre for 11.45am in casual dress

A team sheet is on the noticeboard at the Wilton club for the triangular challenge game against the ‘Die Hards’ of Ettrick Forest and Selkirk on Saturday, March 16. Players will compete at indoor bowls and dominoes.

Results from the sixth round of Pub League: Mansfield Bar 20 Lodge 111 13 (12 points to 4); G. Smith 11 Waverley Bar 9 (9-7); H. Bell 17 Wilton 12 (10-6). Current standings: 1, Wilton 60½ (+35 shots); 2, Mansfield 57 (+18); 3, H. Bell 50½ (+14); 4, Lodge 111 43 (-8); 5, Waverley Bar 43 (-12); 6, G. Smith 34 (-46). Seventh round games: Wilton v G. Smith; Mansfield Bar v Waverley Bar; Lodge 111 v H. Bell.