Clubbing together at Acreknowe

The bank has been strimmed around Acreknowe
The bank has been strimmed around Acreknowe

SEVERAL Anging Club committee members and members have spent three sessions recently strimming the bank around Acreknowe which has made a huge difference when fishing. No more catching the long grass on your backcast when trying to present your fly to tempt the fish!

A number of good fish have been reported over the past two weeks, with dry flies such as daddies, hoppers, sedges and cdcs all getting a good response. Some of the trout have been coming short which can be very frustrating but good fun. Olive nymphs have also been working along with fabs and buzzers fished as a team on a sink-tip line.

Williestruther has been up and down of late. Some anglers have been doing well, while others have really struggled, but that’s fishing for you.

Jock Herbert caught a cracker recently which weighed in at more than 4lbs. This is not the first big fish that has been reported this season, and they seem to be piling on the weight due to the natural feeding of shrimps and snails in the loch.

Akermoor has also been doing well lately with both dry and wet flies getting results.

Again I’ve not had any reports from Barnes, but if it is windy around about, it is blowing a howling hoolie at Barnes which seems to catch all the wind that is going.

On the competition front, Paul Rae picked up a second place at Tweeddale.

On recent visits to Chatton, buzzers have been working better than anything else.

This year, the Danny May Memorial Competition and the Charity Dry Fly Competition have been combined and will be fished on Acreknowe on Saturday, July 13, from 5-10pm. Entry fee is £10, half of which will go to prize money with the remainder for Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. Entries on the day from 4pm.

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