Chase for elusive victory leaves Marshall deflated

Leigh Marshall
Leigh Marshall

HAWICK sprint ace Leigh Marshall, pictured, has been in the mix for glory several times this season, but he admits his lack of success has left him “deflated”.

A beaten finalist in the Jedburgh Border Games sprint on Saturday, Marshall is back-marker for tomorrow’s St Ronan’s Games 110m handicap. However, the Teri flyer isn’t sure whether or not he will get down on his marks on the Victoria Park track.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, he explained: “I haven’t decided if I’m running at Innerleithen or not, as I could be elsewhere.

“At the moment I’m a bit deflated as I keep getting into sprint finals, but not winning them.

“I was in the New Year Sprint final at Musselburgh, and during the summer the sprint finals at Hawick, Selkirk and Jedburgh games.

“It’s great to reach a final, but it’s always a bit disappointing with you don’t win.

“I’m happy with my running and fitness, though, but I would just love to win a final, and hopefully this will come soon.”

Marshall, who runs with the David Rae school, certainly deserves to break the tape in a final showdown, as he has been producing some splendid running this season.

Also poised to run in tomorrow’s sprint is veteran David Hush (22m), who thrilled no end on Saturday when also reaching the Jed sprint final after 30 years of trying. On his Riverside Park showing, Hush should show up well.

Other Hawick runners involved in the eight-heat event are Drew Bryson (23m), Megan Shiel (21m), Mark Young (11m), David Grieve (14m), Ryan Elliot (6.5m) and David Lauder (10.5m).

Rory Anderson, an excellent winner of the Jedburgh 800m handicap, could well shine again from his 125m spot in the 1,600m handicap.

Mark Young (175m), Reece Taylor (185m), James McHugh (220m), Keith Murray (300m) and comeback man Derek Scott (210m) also go for Hawick.

In the junior 90m handicap, Keeley Womack (13m), Eildh Murray (18.5), Amy Campbell (9m), Kay Robertson (18m), Ellis Mckean (13m), Fraser Clyne (11.5m) and Ronan McKean (3.5m) are the Hawick representatives.

Nicole Campbell (17m), Andrew Palmer (12.5m), Phillipa Robertson (14.5m) and Daniel Elliot (5m) for for Hawick in the youths’ 90m.