Burns Club pot way past Con ‘A’

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Jean Yule Cup snooker (February 20): Group one – Hawick Con ‘A’ 2 Hawick Burns ‘A’ 4; St Boswells 2 Jedburgh Legion 4. Group two – Kelso Legion 3 Hawick Con ‘B’ 3; Innerleithen P Selkirk ‘A’ P. Free week – Selkirk ‘B’ and Hawick Burns ‘B’.

Borders pairs semis and final at Hawick Burns Club on Sunday, noon for 12.30pm start. Strict dress code applies. Event sponsored by Hawick Burns Club.

Tommy Douglas Storage Borders League (March 6): Hawick Con ‘A’ v Kelso Legion; Innerleithen v Hawick Con ‘B’; Hawick Burns ‘B’ v Selkirk ‘A’; St Boswells v Jedburgh Legion; Selkirk ‘B’ v Hawick Burns ‘A’.