Biker Corey sets sights on 2016 world championships

Downhill mountain biker Corey Watson gets his season under way this weekend at Innerleithen.

The 14-year-old high school pupil is set to compete in a class of 30 in the Scottish Downhill Association event and next weekend Corey’s off to Wales with his dad Mark and mentor Peter Williams.

Corey finished fourth overall in last year’s Scottish downhill championships and took sixth spot in the British series.

The talented youngster rides a £3,500 custom-built bike, and according to Peter Williams, who is an elite mountain biker and who, later this year, will compete in the world championships, Corey has a bright future in the sport. Speaking to the Hawick News, Williams said: “Corey is a very talented young lad. His birthday falls at an awkward time and that means he is competing against lads who are already 15 and 16 years old so he has a tough task ahead. He is dedicated, though, and as long as he sticks at the training he could go right to the top of this sport, he is that good.”

Williams, who is off to South Africa in April to compete in early world championship rounds, added: “Corey has loads of potential and the goal for him is to compete in the junior world championships in 2016.”

Alongside Peter, the youngster spends 13 hours a week in the gym and at the weekend he is in the saddle for up to 12 hours.