Around the bowling greens

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THE seniors entertained Melrose/Earlston last Tuesday, and after suffering a heavy defeat when they last played each other, Hawick turned the tables and recorded a good win by 57 shots to 45.

Top for the home side was the Graham Lyall-skipped rink.

Details: G. Lyall 18 A. Fairley 5; A. Wilson 19 W. Black 16; T. Anderson 12 G. Douglas 14; J. H. Gray 13 W. Swanston 10.

The ‘A’ team were away to Innerleithen for a top-of-the-table clash against St Ronans, and in a game that was very close, with the lead changing hands over the night, it was the visitors who emerged winners by 73 shots to 67.

Top for Hawick was the Colin Spalding rink

Details: I. Thorburn 12 G. Scott 13; J. Dougal 11 M. Christy 16; J. Borthwick 19 N. Amos 14; A. Caldwell 16 L. Clarkson 8; F. Wilson 9 C. Spalding 22.

THE ‘B’ team welcomed Gala ‘B’ last Wednesday, when despite being a player short, the Teries still managed to notch a win by 59 shots to 54.75.

Top rink for the Hawick side was M. Oliver, J. Armstrong, K. Oliver and J. H. Reilly (skip),

Details: J. H. Reilly 19 I. Ormiston 12; W. Blaikie 6.75 P. Scheibe 13; T. Anderson 14 K. Wilkinson 20; M. Hogg 15 W. Smith 14.

SATURDAY saw the staging of the first past-presidents tournament, which was sponsored by the family of the late Ernie Taddei, who was club president in 1961. The Taddei family also donated a splendid trophy for the event.

A good day’s play in round-robin format saw the final being contested by the rinks of G. Lyall and M. Christy, with the latter squad, which also comprised J. H. Reilly, M. Hogg and R. McCulloch, emerging winners by 10 shots to eight.


Last Wednesday night’s five-rink ‘A’ team travelled to league leaders Melrose, where the hosts started well and led by 16 shots after seven of this 17-end league match (29-45). The Weirhill side then extended their lead to 22 shots after 14 heads, and over the concluding ends the West Stewart Place side added nine shots to their tally to eight from the home side who ended up winning by 89 shots to 68.

The only winning squad for the visitors comprised Jock Elliot, Alistair Taylor, Duncan Macdougall and Chris Macdougall (skip).

Details: L. Haldane 15 R. Taylor 14; N. McNally 16 G. Brownlee 13; Billy Swanston 19 C. Macdougall 20; K. Johnstone 18 A. Brady 11; I. Crawford 21 A. J. Kyle 10. Melrose 89 Wilton 68.

THE ‘B’ team played host to Kelso last Wednesday night, and after seven ends they led by 20 shots, before increasing their advantage to 47 by the finish of 14 heads (72-25). Over the last three heads the home team added eight shots to their total to 14 from their opponents and on the night it was a resounding 80 shots to 39 win for the Teries.

Top squad on the night was Brian Stormont, Eddie Pollard, Rob Drysdale and Gordon McPherson (skip).

Details: D. Smart 21 J. Coleman 10; L. Forrest 15 J. Miller 13; W. R. Paterson 16 T. Bell 12; G. McPherson 28 W. Bell 4.

A party of Wiltonians made the journey to Edinburgh on Saturday to contest the second leg of the annual home and away fixture against Dudley, and took an advantage of 31 shots into this match following the game at West Stewart Place earlier in the season.

The two visiting rinks and four triples were ahead by seven shots after seven of the 17 ends. However, seven heads later the home side had taken the lead (75-85) and went on to record an 103 shots to 85 victory. But after adding both the scores together the West Stewart Place oufit had retained the trophy by 13 shots over the two encounters.

Top squad for the visitors was Gary Hughes, Colin Cook, Bruce Millar and Stuart Anderson (skip).

Details: G. Flight 13 W. Jaffray 15; S. Hawthorn 19 D. Macdougall 16; G. Fraser 14 A. J. Kyle 14; R. Fyfe 24 D. Smart 6; P. Whitten 19 W. R. Patterson 11; T. Parker 14 S. Anderson 23.