Linden and Wands part company with coaches

JUST weeks into the new rugby season, two Hawick clubs have parted company with their coaches, writes Mark Entwistle.

Brian McDonnell has left Linden in what team manager, Keith Brown, called an “amicable” split. Previous coach and former captain, Lee Stewart, comes back to fill the gap.

“I’d like to thank Brian for his efforts this season,” Brown told us. However, if it was an amicable seperation, it certainly wasn’t repeated at Wanderers, where departing coach Greg McLeod vented his fury at some of the club’s players.

“When I played, you regarded it as a privilege to play for the club, but there are some players now who seem to think it is a privilege for the club to have them turning out for it,” said McLeod, coach for the past two seasons.

“I’ve enjoyed my time as coach. There are some good laddies there and I have no gripes with the club itself. But I’m not prepared to stay and be disrespected by certain players or see the club disrespected.”

Former Hawick international and ex-Greens first XV coach, Jim Hay, takes over, but McLeod added: “I wish Jim all the best – he’ll not have his troubles to seek.”

When contacted, Hay said, as a former Wands player himself, he felt a duty to help out with the coaching until the end of the season.

Asked about the alleged problems faced by McLeod, Hay replied he had already warned the players to toe the line or they would be “shown the door”.