Gymkhana event at the Moor was big success

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The annual Junior Riders Gymkahana was held at the Moor on Sunday.

The “Best Turned Out” prize was won by Robyn Crawford and the Handy Pony course was won by by Eve Tottman.

There was six races in total and the results were as follows.

Bending race: 1st Lyall Hodgins, 2nd Amy Farish, 3rd Eve Tottman. Cones: 1st Holly Crawford, 2nd Robyn Crawford, 3rd Fraser Casson. Flags:

1st Holly Crawford, 2nd Eve Tottman, 3rd Amy Farish,

Egg + Spoon: 1st Eve Tottman, 2nd Murray Dodd, 3rd Holly Crawford.

Musical cones: 1st Fraser Casson, 2nd Amy Farish 3rd Archie Young.

Barrel Race: 1st Lyall Hodgins, 2nd Holly Crawford, 3rd Amy Farish.

Also competing were Blair Currie and Ollie Whitely who were unfortunate to be kept out of the prizes on several occasions.

The organisers would like to thank Cornet Gibson and his lass for presenting the prizes, to Harry Graham for running the handy pony and for the use of his equipment.

Thanks also go to Howden’s Joinery for Sponsoring the Prizes for the afternoon.