Ford motors to medal win

HAWICK: Enter-on-day medeal (September 27): 1, G. Ford 40 points; 2, H. Forsyth 39; 3, D. Martin 37. Twos sweep (£2 each): C. Easton 18th, G. Ford, 8th, H. Forsyth 8th, P. Johnson 8th, S. Robertson 13th.

Ballantyne Trophy (September 20): First class – 1, G. R. Ford 1 up; 2, B. Beattie level (bih); 3, S. K. Webb level (bih). Second class – 1, G. Lowrie 3 up (trophy winner); 2, D. Crawford level; 3, N. Thomson 1 down. Third class – 1, J. Heatley 1 up (bih); 2, R. G. White 1 up.

MINTO: Seniors’ October Medal: 1, B. Elliot 84 (18) 66; 2, D. Miller 82 (15) 67 (lowest gross); 3, R. Johnston 82 (14) 68 (scratch winner).

Seniors Stableford: 1, B. Elliot 39 points; 2, S. Mabon 38; 3, D. Miller 35. Standings (September): 1, T. Glendinning 81 points; 2, J. Lunn 66; 3, R. Johnson 63.

Gents’ Hole Cup: winner, T. Glendinning; runner-up, S. Taylor.

Pye Lyle Cup for Gents’ Pairs: winners, D. Howden and S. Mabon; runners-up, D. Willison and B. I. Hartop.

Seven juniors from Minto travelled to Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup practice day on Wednesday and saw all of the successful European team in action. The group returned to Minto with many memories of a special day to go with the autographs of many of the leading players.

Seniors’ outing to Broomieknowe: 1, R. Johnson 34 points; 2, A. Legge 29 (better inward half); 3, J. Adams 29.

Bright skies and warm sunshine greeted representatives from many of the companies that support Minto Golf Club to the 2014 sponsors’ day.

Nine four-man teams did battle over a course in fine condition. The winning team of David Bryson and Graham Forsyth (Fraser James), and Ron Elliot and Ray Chlopas (Minto) won the Texas scramble with an impressive net score of 58.3. Kenny Lyle and Alec Mitchell (Night Safe) and Douglas Callender and Scott Campbell (Towergate Insurance) took second place with 59.3.

The event concluded with a dinner and prizegiving presided over by the club vice-captain, Albert Thompson.

Karen Telfer continued her recent run of good form and won one of the club’s most prestigious ladies’ competitions, the Lothian Rosebowl, on Saturday. She was three shots ahead of Lynn Bruce in second place, and four ahead of Flora Kerr, who was third.