Hope for Teries springs enternal

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Hawick Waverley eased their relegation fears by gaining a 7-2 victory over Leithen Rovers last Saturday, writes John Slorance.

It was a win that improved Waverley’s lowly position as well as a triumph that pleased team boss Mick Hope no end.

He said:“Besides winning, we scored seven goals which was great, for at the end of the season goal average could be important if we were down at the bottom of the league. Scoring goals and getting a big win is a confidence booster for the games that are to come”.

In his second spell as manager, Hope has been associated with Waverley for some considerable time.

He said: “I started playing for the Waverley when I was a young boy way back in 1987. However, I moved on to play rugby for the PSA and then the YM. I returned to football though with the Waverley and played for years and indeed went on to be player/manager and then manager.

“I packed in being manager for a while, but have came back to the job this season. It’s my third stint with the Waverley and it’s good to be back”.

Tomorrow (Saturday), Waverley face Leithen Rovers at Innerleithen in the Forsyth Cup,

Hope, who played 464 games for Waverley, commented: “We are away from home this time, but we should still do well”.

Also in the Forsyth Cup, Hawick United line up against Gordon at Wilton Lodge Park, while Hawick Legion Rovers entertain Gala Hotspur.

Hawick Legion are at home to Eyemouth Amateurs in the Waddell Cup.