‘Disillusioned’ Sharkey quits as Legion manager

Clinton Sharkey has quit as Hawick Legion manager
Clinton Sharkey has quit as Hawick Legion manager

Clinton Sharkey has quit his post as manager of Hawick Legion FC.

A former Legion, Hawick United, Hawick Waverley and Hawick Royal Albert player, Sharkey has been Legion team boss for the past three seasons.

Commenting on his departure from the Wilton Lodge Park outfit, Sharkey told the Hawick News: “It’s not a decision I’ve taken lightly and it’s something I have put a lot of thought into.

“However, after great consideration I’ve decided that it is best for the club that I finish as manager.

“When I took on the job three years ago I was full of high hopes but now I have ended up being a bit disillusioned.

“One of the main reasons is that I have been let down by a few players who have left the club to join other sides and I’m very disappointed about

Sharkey continued: “During my three seasons with the Legion there have been a few highs and lows. Unfortunately there has been more lows than highs as we got relegated from the ‘A’ Division at the end of my first season and last season only a technicality saved us from dropping into the ‘C’ Division.

“There have been good times as well, though, as we won the Wright Cup, which was something that really pleased me.

“Also I’ve seen some promising young players break into the side, which was encouraging.

“This season we have done quite well and had some decent results but the squad wasn’t adequate enough to 
get us back into the ‘A’ Division.

“Perhaps a new manager might be able to bring in new players and the Legion will be able to achieve this.”

Sharkey, however, is not breaking his association with the club.

“I still want to be involved with the Legion and I’ve 
offered my services to the 
Legion Rovers manager Darren McElrath as a player,” he said.

“So next season I might well be pulling on my boots again.”