Coach predicts bright future for Border athletics

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BORDER athletics is on track to go from strength to strength – that’s according to coach Billy Edgar who this week showered praise on the region’s young runners.

With dozens of youngsters set to get down on their marks for tomorrow’s St Ronan’s Games, Edgar, whose own school has a good few up-and-coming prospects, is delighted that the games circuit continues to attract a wealth of young talent.

He said: “It’s brilliant that there are such a lot of youngsters running at the games, especially in this day and age. There’s loads of girls as well as boys, they’re the future of the running game and it’s encouraging to see them coming on.

“Border Athletics has brought in a new system this season, in splitting age groups. And you now have the young ones racing each other and the older ones racing each other, instead of it all being in one.

“I was a bit dubious about this working at first, but it’s turned out to be a great thing.”

Representing Hawick in the St Ronan’s junior 90m handicap are: Ronan Mckean (12m), Jay McCartney (14m), Amy Campbell (16m), Nicole Campbell (12m), Brodie Graham (9m), Phillipa Robertson (9m), Daniel Elliot (7m) and Calum Renwick (8.5m).

In the youths’ 90m handicap, the Teri runners are: Sam Bandeen (1.5m), Megan Shiel (14m), Darcy Graham (11m), Jack Wilson (8m), Matthew Bell (18m), Corey Wilson (6m) and Ryan Elliot (0.5m).

All of the aforementioned also run in the junior and youths’ 200m handicaps.

Nine-year-old Amy Campbell (380m) is Hawick’s solitary runner in the junior/youths’ 1,600m handicap.

Top event on the Innerleithen card is the 110m handicap, in which back marker is Scottish amateur internationalist Nick Smith of Shaftsbury.

A top-class performer, Smith (scratch) is poised to appear in the opening heat of the eight-heat event.

And set to lock horns with the latter is Hawick’s Ross Weir. Second in the final of Saturday’s Jedburgh 110m handicap, Weir is off 21m, which is a metre less that his Jedburgh mark.

Also gunning for glory for Hawick are: John Paxton (18m), David Grieve (17m), Dylan Ali (12m), Ryan Trimby (15.5m), David Hush (22.5m), James Parker (9m) and Drew Bryson (23m).

Rory Anderson (45m), Mark Young (55m) and Ged Smith (135m) are Hawick’s distance runners in the 800m handicap.

Anderson (110m) and Young (120m) also go in the 1,600m handicap, as well as Michael Crawford (95m) and Gary Law (390m).