CAST AWAY : By Drew Dickson

When are we going to get a summer? The rain just seems to be never ending but the only consulation is that the river levels have been holding fairly high which has encouraged a number of Salmon and Sea trout to come into the system but the conditions to fish for them has been far from perfect. It is either too coloured or too high. Anglers are a hard lot to please.

I have never seen the lochs so full at this time of year for a long time. Acreknowe has been doing well lately with a lot of bigger Trout getting caught. Shane Kelly had a nice one at 4lb last week which took a small dry fly. There have also been a number reported at around the 3lbs and one at over 5lbs. Small size 14 daddies have been working really well but sometimes they want it static then they want it moving fast. Various hoppers, sedges and buzzers have also been getting good results. The lure fishers have been taking trout with blobs and black fritz.

On Williestruther fishers using power bait have been getting the best results. There has also been some good rises later at night.

Akermoor has again showing some good returns.

John Rutherford was telling me that he has been having some great sport on Barnes (Stobs) when fishing from the boat and has been broken with some big fish.

The junior competition will be held this Sunday on Williestruther from 11am till 3pm when I hope there will be a good turnout. Registration will be from 10.15 at the loch.

Hawick Angling Club and Alemoor Fishery will be joining forces in late August to hold a junior event at Alemoor. This will be advertised on school noticeboards after the childrern return from their holidays.

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